Caja de Ruidos

Your Localization Partner

Audiovisual content customization and localization for the Latin American market

We are a one-stop production company born to assist clients in customizing and localizing any form of audiovisual content for the Latin American market.
From script to post-production our goal is to deliver world class customized content for the Latin American audiences to enjoy in a way that sounds natural, immersive and appealing to them.

Our team’s extensive, diverse background combines sound technologies, IT, programming, marketing, advertising, videogames, acting and music to a solid track record of driving cross-functional initiatives, problem solving, process improvement and solutions implementation to generate new ideas and transform them into new services and applications.

About Us

Fully equipped, state-of-the-art 10,000 square feet headquarters. Top-notch technology and industry-standard tools for supreme quality output. Our facilities are located in-region with close connection to our target markets and easy access to local resources.

Experienced, creative and award-winning staff. We are confident our team is what you are looking for if you are considering introducing your products to the Latin American public.

Expertise of over a decade in the region doing TV series, animation series, films, documentaries and videogames for top tier channels and broadcasters, producers and software developers.

We value and care for your products. We take confidentiality seriously and safeguard your confidential information and content throughout our processes and in all stages of production.



We provide a wide range of content customization services including:

  • Script translation

    Script translation, adaptation and localization. English, Latin American (neutral) Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

  • Subtitling

    Time coding, synchronization and subtitle files generation

  • Dubbing

    Dubbing and original voice character dialogue direction

  • Access Services

    Closed caption and audio description

  • Audio Post-production

    Audio Post-production and original music

  • Video

    Video post-production, visual effects and color correction


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